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Original Poetry

Written in 2009: A Guy for ME

Its funny how a guy can make you feel so low

  make you wanna lay in bed and listen to the songs that play real slow

 I’m lookin for a guy who is down to earth

 one who is willing to take his time, not just tryna get his first

I’m looking for a guy who says he cares and means it!

 not one who says he cares and deceives it

 And i don’t like to waste my time, so i need to know

 do you want me? or is it no?

 i don’t want the guy that likes to play games

 you know!!-the one who “has his ways”

so say what u mean, mean what you

 say I’m not perfect, so i TRY to do the same

 I’m so tired of the guys who just want ONE thing

 and I KNOW you know what i mean

 It’s funny how a guy can make you feel so low

 and treat you like damaged goods

 But let me be the first to say “that’s not me”


 i’m looking for a that guy who is the definition of real

and not just the imitation

 I want someone who will be there for me

 no matter what the situation

 And you know what, i think i found that guy

 too bad we can’t be together

 love and distance has no ties

 so friends we shall be, forever?

I was 18 when I wrote this. I was so in love with this guy. He actually responded and everyone was making jokes, saying we were Romeo and Juliet. I thought it was so funny. We are not together, but freinds to this day.

Written in 2009: Love

What is love?

Is it something that you feel?

and if so how do you know its real?

What is love?

Is it trusting each other,

knowing that you can’t live without one another?

What is love?

To me love is something you can’t hide,

it doesn’t just exist inside

It’s something you show everyday,

and try to let the one you love know that in every way

Love leaves no scars,

love erases all fear,

and in the end wipes away all tears

Love is that feeling you get when you touch,

and everytime you get that wierd feeling in your gut

Love makes you sad at times,

makes you mad at times,

makes you cry at times,

hurts you so much inside

but love has no regrets,

love gives no tests,

love sees no flaws,

has no emotional walls

love is open and has no secrets,

love treats your parents decent

it shows no disrespect,

so never forget, what love is.

I was just looking through some things that I wrote and came across this. I don’t even remember writing it, which is crazy to me.

Written in 2010: Words

No fony– its the truth he sings, real to the core, intellectual food he brings

Guarded–my heart just won’t let him see, untold stories, truths, I just can’t let that be

I like you–so I hoped that you would wait for me, but mistakes happened,so that might make you stray away from me

Untouched–my emotions, they won’t let me breath, been cut off for so long, they won’t let me see, pouring out of me–untamed–caution, here I be.





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