A Man

Many women if not all have tried to change a man into what they want, think he should be, or feel would impress their family or friends. Women have tried for decades to find the “perfect man”, but realistically unless his name is Jesus and he died on the cross than that man doesn’t exist today. Women continue to complain that the men they are with or the men they seem to always attract are cheaters, liars, not compassionate, don’t care, un-reliable, jerks, and much more. Then I ask “why do you continue to date guys like this? Why continue to put yourselves through the hurt and the pain and continue to waste your time on pointless relationships?” Try something different; try a different type of man. I get so tired of females telling me how this man did her wrong or broke her heart then see her go through the same scenario over and over again. If your wondering why every man you date is a DOG its not there fault it yours. You have a choice to date a good man or a bad one. And save me the excuse “I didn’t know he was like that before I met him”, because within the first two weeks of meeting a guy all the signs are there that tell you if he is a jerk or not. From the way he answers the phone to if he opens the door for you when you walk into a building. Come on ladies, we are so smart and yet so dumb when it comes to the opposite sex. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. We get so emotionally vulnerable when it comes to a man and let ourselves be taken on this false ride of fulfillment that we allow ourselves to be treated like dirt. To me the purpose of a relationship is to get to know someone. To allow yourself to feel emotionally connected with a human being of the opposite sex and to find out what it is that you would want in a potential future mate. Not to say that the man you are with isn’t or will never be exactly that, but I think it’s about time to stop looking for a man that could POTENTIALLY be what you and find a man that is EXACTLY what you want. Like the saying “there are many fish in the sea”, it’s true. There are plenty of men out there; you don’t have to hop on the first one that comes your way because you think the other ones will be taken. It doesn’t work that way. Some women feel that they should always have a man. They are afraid to be lonely and without someone there. God is there. He loves you even when you don’t love yourself. He cares for you and will always come through for you. He watches over you when you sleep, and is there the next morning. I say to every woman out there YOU DON’T NEED A MAN ALL TO TIME TO VARIFY YOU.YOU DON’T NEED A MAN JUST TO FEEL COMPLETE OR TO TELL YOU that YOUR BEAUTIFUL. I understand that sometimes it feels good just to hear it, but if you don’t believe it about yourself how can you expect someone else to believe it. Don’t be afraid to not have “a man”. It is okay to wait for the right one to come along. If everyman you meet for the next two years is not the man you want then tell him you’re not interested and go on your way, because when you give the men out there that you’re not interested in the time of day, just to say that you have a man, that’s where the trouble begins. This is where you begin to start SETTLING for the man you think you want. You, or shall I say we begin to let these men walk over us. Treat us like objects to be shown off. My point is Stop allowing yourselves to let society tell you what kind of men you should be dating. Let’s face it, everyman will not be “fine” and have the gorgeous body with the pimped out ride on 24’s and have a mansion. We complain about not being able to find a good man when one is already there. The “World” has set these unrealistic standards that women should have for men when as individuals we should have our own standards for the men that we want in our lives. Every women has a different preference, however that preference should be in our best interest. If you know a guy is no good and you still decide to be with him then that is your choice. You never know, some men will change their ways for the women they love. There are still men out there that are like that, they are high in demand and so few in supply.
And I am not talking about a BOY. This is someone who has no job, makes no money, has no values, treats his mother with disrespect, and still plays games; these are characteristics of a boy, not a MAN. A MAN knows what he wants and has a plan to get it. He is confident and isn’t afraid to ask for help. He is aware of his actions and takes full responsibility for them and is man enough to admit when he is wrong. A man gives respect yet understands he must first earn his. I love the male species but refuse to let them take advantage of me or treat me like an object. I refuse to settle! I refuse to be talked to like a child or made to be something I am not. I am my own woman, able to make my own mistakes and learn from them. I am beautiful and unique in my own way and choose to follow God’s path and no longer my own. Women take a stand for the way you want to be treated and be aware of the type of men you let into your lives but don’t allow yourselves to let other’s determine who you should be with because that your own choice.


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