DIY Ombre Tommy’s

Some DIY to scracth that itch!

Initerent Voyages


Get right on trend with your own home made Ombre Tommies

Here’s how:

 All you need are some white tommy takkies, fabric dye (in your choice of colour), Vaseline, baking powder and an old toothbrush.


1)  Prepare your takkies by removing any laces and removable inserts. To protect the rubber sole from discolouring, coat the sides with a thin layer of Vaseline to create a barrier between the dye and the rubber.

2) Mix the Dye according to the instructions on the packet.

3) Dip the toes in and out of the dye bath about 1/3 of the way. Check the depth of the colour and decide if it is too dark or light for your liking. If too dark, water down your dye mixture and dip again, this time slightly higher than your first dip.


4)  Repeat the previous step staggering the level of your dip along the shoes so that the…

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