It’s Just LUSH

I don’t know if you’ve heard about “Lush” but it’s a great organic handmade cosmetic store that supplies body and facial remedies for women and men. I first head of Lush in Houston but didn’t actually go to the store until I went to Chicago in January. Walking into the store the employees are so friendly and helpful and are really excited about the products they are selling. They appeared to be really enthused and everyone had great skin. I asked one of the guys that worked there what everyone was using on their face and he pointed me to the face scrubs, face lotions, face soaps, and much more. It’s so wonderful to see how many products they offer that really work and aid in skin care. They offer many items from bath bombs to facial cleansers. I purchased and started using the “Ocean Salt” face and body scrub and it works wonders. I think it costs about $24 and I purchased the smaller size. I wanted to test the product before just committing to it. Also, some products, like that of the Ocean Salt scrub, you have to mix before using and the employees offer to mix the product for you that way you don’t have to worry about over or under mixing. This helps you to attain the maximal results of your product purchase. If you love having very smooth bodily skin and clear facial skin then this product is definitely for you. However, the scrub cannot be used on your face every day because it is a strong scrub. I use it every Wednesday and Sunday and my face it much softer and clearer than it has ever been. Most of my friends now tell me that I have a “glow”, and since I’m not pregnant I’m going to assume it is because of the Ocean Salt scrub that I have been using since January 2013. As I said earlier, it’s also AMAZING to use on your body; especially before you shave. Rub the scrub over your legs (really getting into the skin), rinse, and then do your normal shaving routine and I promise that afterwards you will have silky smooth legs which will last all week. I am not sure if this scrub can be used daily on the body but you don’t want to over work your skin. Lush also offers these bath bombs that are amazing. They offer a variety of scents for whatever mood you are trying to attain. I promise you that trying Lush will change your life and change your mood! Below you can find the link to their site and see for yourselves. Take a chance and order a product or see if there is a Lush near you. Enjoy!



Lush (company) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soaps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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