Glad You Came

Hello All,

This will be a very random post, but I must share this news with you all. I hate having dirty clothes sitting in my closet or on the bathroom floor, or ANYWHERE. It drives me crazy! However, the cost of washing powder is so much that it makes me really have to ration what I have when washing.  Even if I use the suggested amount of washing powder or even the liquid washing detergent, it seems like I tend to run out within a month. Well, one day I was in Kroger (a grocery store) and decided to try something new. They have these new (or at least they are new to me) Tide pods that have detergent, stain remover, and a brighter component. The package has 66 pacs in them. I happen to like a little fragrance In my clothing so I purchased the spring meadow. I bought this back in August and just ran out 2 weeks ago. WOW! I realized today that I went almost 4 months without having to buy any detergent. Even after my brother cleaned out our clothes hamper and washed about 15 loads of clothes there was still some left. The clothes come out the washer and dryer smelling great and feeling good too. If you like saving money and like your clothes smelling good then this is a definite must buy! I don’t know about you, but clean clothes just get me all excited. Almost as much as trying a new dish to eat or creating something from scratch that ends up tasting amazing. Well, that’s all I wanted to share.

Go Enjoy!



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