HAMMY TIME/ HEB challenge #3

By: suhpos

Jan 01 2013

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I LOVE HAM!!! I am a ham lover. I am THE ham lover. From the different types of glaze you can use to the assortment of things you can add to the ham to switch up its flavor. Before Christmas my boss gave us all ham. Not just any ham, but this ham came with its own glaze and looked amazing. I was so thankful that they gave us a gift, and of all things a ham. This saved me time and money which I always love. This ham was a Boar’s head boneless smoked ham that came with a brown sugar and spice glaze. I have never really cooked a ham before so I left it up to my dad to cook it. It was an amazing ham. All you really have to do is put the ham in the over and glaze throughout the time that you are cooking the ham. This time can vary depending on the person, they way they like to cook their ham, and the extra ingredients they choose to use when preparing it. Since this ham was purchased at HEB I decided to go ahead and add it to the HEB challenge (especially since I have been slacking in that area). If you are looking for a great ham for any occasion then head on over to HEB and purchase you a ham. The Boar’s Head ham has great flavor and the meat is not too soft and tender but just tastes great. I can’t even really describe it to you, you would have to just purchase and see for yourself. I hope that from looking at the picture that you can visualize its warm taste and how the glaze just makes the ham look and taste so flavorful. I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little hungry. Hmmmm, maybe a ham sandwich: provolone cheese, a special mayo sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, a slice or two of that great ham, and all on a lightly toasted wheat flat bread bun. I’m thinking, Panini?




2 comments on “HAMMY TIME/ HEB challenge #3”

  1. Here in Sicily we don’t have this kind of ham. I asked the butcher but he didn’t know what I was talking about, he thought I meant prosciutto. This looks really delicious! I am a new follower. Buon Anno!

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