Grandma’s Secret Recipe

By: suhpos

Jan 01 2013

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I know we all have had a grandma or have known someone with a grandma that always had the secret ingredient that no one could ever figure out. Or, had the recipe that was so perfect that no measurements could ever be found to describe what she used. Well, I must say that my sister has shocked us all. My grandmother, Moms as we all call her, has THE BEST pound cake hands down. If she ever entered her cake into any contest she would have won. Now, I am not saying this because she is my granny because as a lover of food if something tastes horrible I will NEVER hesitate to let you know. However, Moms pound cakes are just really amazing. Now, over time she has had cancer and bad health so she is unable to create the pound cake from scratch anymore. Instead, she uses half a box cake mix and half of her original recipe to make a cake that comes extremely close to the taste of her own; so much so, that if you have never tried any of her original homemade pound cakes she made from scratch then you would never know the difference. My sister learned of Moms clever plan and decided to see what she could do with it. When I heard she was going to attempt the near impossible I thought I would go into the kitchen and watch her. Every now and then she would call Moms to verify certain ingredients or to make sure she put just the right amount of extra butter. I can assure you all that she did. My sister even added a little twist to the icing that Moms uses by adding some lemon juice. Let’s just say that the cake didn’t even last a day. Thanks to me, half of the cake was already gone! It was great! Now we don’t have to call and beg Moms to make us her famous pound cake because we can call my sister and beg her to. I am so proud of her for taking on the task of learning all of our family’s old recipes to continue to be handed down in our family. Before it’s too late I encourage you to try those old recipes and put your own twist on it. Have some fun, get messy, and create a new taste. Hope you have enjoyed!



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