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Dec 18 2012

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I love this!!!! I really do love the lace look on basically everything. I recently re-styled my entire closet around it, very cool post!

Dorothy Deerest

Hi Deerest Friends,

My entire life I’ve had a love affair with crochet. Not actually doing it (I can’t crochet to save my life) but any piece that has anything remotely to do with that pretty, vintage-looking knitted lace. There’s something about crochet… I see it and it instantly reminds me of summer; music festivals, the beach and driving all day in my equally vintage car with no air-conditioner. In regards to crochet, I’ve recently noticed a bit of a trend in the fashion blogs of the Internet.

The juxtaposition of soft, feminine crochet with leather (faux, in my case) seems to be everywhere at the moment and as someone with an unhealthy obsession with crochet… well I’m loving it.

I also recently discovered (really recently… it was only two days ago) a place so strange yet so awesome that only Japan could be responsible; Daiso.

So Daiso is…

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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this… very flattered.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of my DIY posts just as much 🙂

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