Meat, Meat, and MEAT

By: suhpos

Dec 12 2012

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(sorry the pictures are all messed up, having computer problems)

The other day I had a father-daughter date with my dad. He is a fellow food lover and wanted to go to this restaurant he heard of call Guri Do Sul Brazillian Steakhouse in the Woodlands (Woodlands, Tx). He said it was somewhat similar to a place called Fogo De Chao. I have heard of Fogo De Chao and that the food is amazing so I hope to go there soon. My dad told me that Guri Do Sul was a bit pricey, but I knew it would be a great dinner so I was really excited. Upon entry, you see a nice bar area and are greeted with a smiling face. Walking towards the dining area  you pass a salad bar packed with assorted cheeses, veggies,  and all the salad makings. This particular night they had live music. IT was a black man with an orange looking beard, dressed comfortably and he was playing the guitar and singing and it was really nice. Instead of those same songs playing over and over again, like at other restaurants, having the live music really set them apart from the rest. Especially, if the live music is so awesome! It wasn’t too loud, but had a very clear sound and added to the family yet romantic feel of the environment. The place has dimmed lighting to give somewhat romantic ora, however there were a lot of families there and people celebrating birthdays. The restaurant comes equipped with two private party rooms that looked liked they fit a little more than 20 people  or so, seeming like a great place to have an engagement dinner of sorts. At the tables they have these cards, one side “red” and one side “green”. The red side informs the waiters that you no longer want to be served, and the green side lets them know to keep the service coming. Served what you ask? Well, any kind of meat that you could possibly think of, from ribs to parmesan chicken,  steak(medium to well done), and shrimp and chicken wrapped in bacon. They just keep coming by the entire time you are there until you finally turn your card over to red. All this meat can make you pretty thirsty, right? You have a choice between a great selection of drinks, but if alcoholic beverages just aren’t your thing, then the lemonade is the choice to make. It has coconut milk in it and it was, by far, THE BEST LEMONADE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, thus far. And believe me; I have tried tons of lemonade. It’s not too sweet, not too sour, but give you that great lemony taste. I swear I was on a cruise with every sip. Our waiter, Eric, was very friendly and really tried to accommodate our every need and tried to meet our every wish. If you ever dine here be sure to ask for ERIC! Oh yeah, they also have amazing sides. When you sit down and order your drinks they bring you potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some greens to go with your meat, and also some pretty amazing bread. However, don’t let them trick you with all the side. Although, very delicious, you are there for the meat, NOT the sides. Don’t get full of the sides because for $45 a person you don’t want to waste it all on sides and miss out on the fantastic assortment of meats that they have to offer. Now, after all of this eating and drinking and really enjoying yourself if you have any room for dessert they have some really good choices. I decided to get the cheesecake to go because I was too full to eat it, but I really wanted it. Although, not the best cheesecake I have ever had, it was still really good. The crust had the perfect amount of butter and the crust just melts in your mouth, as it should! If you are looking for some quality meat, a great waiter, live music, and delicious dessert than this is the place for you. Come with at least $65 and you will have a great dining experience. The one thing you don’t want to do is come here with a budget, then you will just miss out on some great tasting food. If you are ever in the Woodlands and in the mood to try something new, then this is the place.





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