HEB Challenge #1

The other day I posted a piece about the parmesan crusted tilapia that I purchased from HEB. I have decided that once a week I will try and purchase a pre-made meal from HEB ( The HEB Challenge) and will let you all know what is good to eat and what you can pass on. So here we go…

The other day I purchased a pre-made strawberry and honey roasted pecan salad and a pre-made jalapeno pecan dressing from HEB. The salad was amazing! It had strawberries, dried cranberries, coconut, spinach, and these  honey toasted pecans that are really good. A light dressing really makes the salad taste great and it’s something light and healthy for you too. As for the jalapeno pecan dressing, I give it 2 stars. If you love something that is spicy with a weird flavor than this dish is for you. It isn’t the worst tasting dressing, but it’s as though it is lacking in any type of flavor. I added some gravy my dad made and it really helped with the flavor. So, if you purchase this make sure you have some type of gravy to add to it or at least know something about seasoning dressing. If I had to choose between this dish and unsalted crackers for dinner…I would choose the crackers. Sorry HEB, this is not your best dish, but kudos on the salad! Tune in next time for the next dish of the week!

(pictures coming soon)




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