POP Goes The Cake Pop!

By: suhpos

Nov 26 2012

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(As you can see I did not clean my kitchen after a day full of baking and cooking, you should clean as you go, lol)

Hello All,

I was finally able to buy the “babycakes” cake pop maker from Michaels Arts & Crafts. I wanted to wait until the price went down. I purchased the cake pop maker for about $21.00 on sale. Its original price is around 30-40 dollars. I was so happy when I finally got it. I also purchased a DUFF cake pop kit, also purchased at Michaels Arts & crafts.I purchased the kit in order to make cake pops for a bridal shower that my sister is throwing for her best friend. As you can see in the picture above, they look quite appropriate for the occasion. HOWEVER, never having made cake pops in my life, I knew that this process was going to be a difficult task. My first attempt at making them the old fashioned way failed miserably.

Let’s start from the beginning:

BEFORE, I purchased the cake pop maker I decided to go ahead and see if I could accomplish making cake pops the old fashioned way. Using a cake pop kit by Duff (cupcake cake pops), I just followed the directions given on the box. The kit comes equipped with everything you need in order to make the cake pops; from the cake mix to the cake pop sticks and all the way down to the melting chocolate. I mixed the white cake mix with water and vegetable oil (following the given quantities to use) and baked the cake. After letting it cooled I crumbled the cake in a bowl added the icing, which is (I guess) used to hold the cake together. Unfortunately, I added too much icing and had a bowl full of this icing/smashed cake dough. I tried to continue by rolling my now “back to dough” cake into cylinders and using the cup cake shaped cutter to form the dough into little cupcakes. That was also an epic fail since my now ruined cake mix kept sticking to the cupcake shaped cutter. Putting them in the freezer for about 15 minutes I tried to see if I could do better at making the glaze for the cake pops. As if my attempt wasn’t already pathetic, I stupidly left the chocolate in the microwave TOO long and couldn’t even use it to coat my already horrible cake pops. Well, I was pretty upset. I accessed the situation, made some key notes on what to do right the next time, and tried again a couple days later. And wouldn’t you know it, they came out pretty great! However, just in case that was just a lucky day I decided to go ahead and purchase the cake pop maker and see if it was any easier… and it definitely was. The cake pop maker works GREAT!  You can make any type of cake mix that you want. All you do is add a tablespoon (and it MUST just be a tablespoon or they WILL NOT come out right and you WILL MESS UP your cake pop maker) to each hole it only takes about 6 minutes for them to cook.  The cake pop maker comes with a little book that gives you ideas about recipes for cake mix as well as your icing for your cake pops. This is definitely a must buy if you make cake pops and are tired of the messy and long process.  The picture of the chocolate covered white cake mix cake pop is one of the last cake pops I had after my first attempt. The second batch came out great, but I ate them all “Sorry”. Well, I had a little help in that eating process. This is why there is no picture for you to view. I will make sure to take pictures of my final batch of cake pops for the bridal shower as well as the complete picture of the cake pop stand. I went ahead and added a before picture for you to view.

The cake pop stand is a black weaved basket that I happened to have lying around. I used pink and black zebra print DUCK tape at the top of the basket to give the basket some color.  I added this pink material (again, something I found lying around) and put it inside of the basket so that the basket looks full and to cover the white foam square that will hold the cake pops. I am going to paint the white foam square black and add black shiny ribbon to the top rim of the basket to give the basket a little life. Also, I wrapped the cake pop sticks with the same pink and black zebra print DUCK tape and did some with just plain black DUCK tape. This way I don’t have to worry about adding ribbon to each of the cake pop sticks and it blends really well.

Whether you’re looking for something fast to make for a party or something fun to do with the family,  go out and buy you a cake pop maker from Michaels Arts & Crafts. It will definitely be worth it. Be sure to buy sprinkles and decorate!




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