Nail Art

By: suhpos

Nov 01 2012

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For a change, I decided to use the Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips. Upon opening the small package, it included a mini nail file/buffer, 16 nail polish strips, and a cuticle stick. As you know, I really like the Revlon nail polish strips for their easy use. In the Sally Hansen package, the small container that holds the strips is hard to open. Even though it looks as if the package is sealed nicely, it would be great if it opened a bit easier. It actually got to the point where I had to use scissors just to open the small package. My overall impression of this particular brand was that is was a little cheap. The fit of the nail strip doesn’t attach to the nail as smooth as the Revlon brand seems to. Perhaps it was the particular style that I chose, however, I think that with any style you chose the fit for the nail should be the same: tight and secure. No one wants to get their nails done have them get messed up within two or three days. I think that the Revlon brand is the best for nail polish strips thus far. They also have a larger variety of fashion strips with a more realistic art work. I received many complements on my nails (seen in a previous post). When told that they were basically stickers people were really shocked because it looked like I actually did them myself or went to a salon to get them done.  I think I will be sticking to my Revlon brand for nail art from now on.



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