Glitter Me Pink

By: suhpos

Oct 23 2012

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Hello ALL!!!!

I have been searching the web for new DIY to try and came across glitter heels. I happened to have some old pair of heels that I never really wore, so I thought I would use those for a prototype. I also purchased a pair of heels from ROSS;  I bought a beige pair of heels for $11 (on sale). Unfortunately, they are a size larger than I wear but I thought it would still be interesting to glitter them. Below I have added links to the sites, blogs, and youtube videos used to aide me in making these glitter heels. Hope you enjoy!


Everything used to create these glitter heels was purchased from a Michaels Arts & Crafts store. I used Martha Stewart glitter (onyx), Creatology glitter (silver, iredescent, light pink), mod podge (gloss), Aleene’s spray acrylic sealer (gloss finish), foil, sponge (or thick tip paint brush), plastic bowl, hot glue gun, black acrylic paint (apple barrel brand or liquitex basics  acrylic black pain)black ribbon, and Celebrate It blue glitter ribbon. I prefer the Martha Stewart glitter because it gives the shoe more of a classy and professional look, however it doesn’t stay on the shoe better than the Creatology glitter. I think this is because the Creatology glitter is heavier than the Martha Stewart glitter, making it able to grab onto the shoe and stick better. Maybe, If I used sand paper on the shoe the Martha Stewart glitter may have stuck better. Over all, each brand of glitter gave the shoes a great look. It will depend on the type of look you are going for.

This first black heel was the first one that I tried. I didn’t use sand paper on the shoe like a lot of the links below did. Instead I got a plastic bowl, put foil in it so make the clean up faster, used a thick paint brush to put the mod podge on the shoe and lightly poured the Creatology silver glitter over the shoe. I didn’t do this all at once. I divided the shoe into sections and went from there. You can do this however you see fit as long as the glitter is evenly distributed around the shoe. When I finished I let it dry for a day and went back over the shoe with the same steps on parts that the glitter had fallen off or didn’t really grab onto the mod podge. I wanted to give the shoe a different look so I decided to do sort of a zebra print. I used blue glitter ribbon and cut it into small strips that looked like zebra stripes. I then used a hot glue gun to attach the stripes onto the shoes. To bring out the stripes more, I decided to use a thin paint brush and outline each strip in black paint. I used both the Liquitex and Apple Barrel brand black acrylic paint and both worked quit well. To keep the glitter and ribbon from coming off and give the shoes a glossier look I used the Gloss finish sealer. I did about 3 to 4 coats following the instruction given on the spray bottle. I think the outcome of these particular heels was quite cute. The before and after are pretty nice If I must say so myself.

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Using the same technique to attach the glitter to the heels previously described, I decided to decorate 3 more pairs of glitter heels. For these next heels I didn’t like the red and white color of the heel nor the floral print. To get rid of that horrid look, I painted the entire shoe black with the Apple Barrel acrylic paint (gloss) and then I glittered the top of the heel with the Creatology iridescent glitter. It gave the look more of a greenish color rather than the whit color I thought it would produce. I used the gloss finish sealer after the paint and glitter dried and I really loved what it did to the paint. It looks like I actually bought it out of a store. The gloss finish sealer is a must have! Be sure not to drench the shoe, especially on the glitter because it will take away from the actual shine that the glitter produces. As you can see below, on the left, is how the shoe looked before (minus the glittered part of the show). The white,red,and floral part was how the entire shoe looked. On the left you see the almost finished product of the shoe.

For these last two pair of heels I used the Martha Stewart onyx glitter. It is more of a powdery glitter, which I liked. It gives the heels a more professional and cleaner look. I added a ribbon to the beige turned black (the one I purchased at Ross) on one of the heels and used the pink Creatology glitter on the heel of the shoe. The last pair of heels are actually my favorite pair of heels thus far. I wanted to do something different with these Ross heels and I think I obtained what I wanted in regards to the overall look of the heel.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post thus far. Please feel free to leave comment in regards to each heel. Also, the beige heel is a size 10, never been worn, so If anyone is interested in HAVING them (FOR FREE) please let me know ASAP before I give them away.

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