You are Cordially Invited

By: suhpos

Oct 17 2012

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Working at Michaels Arts & Crafts has its perks for a crafty mind. My sister is hosting a bridal shower for one of her close friends and asked me to help her with the invitations and I knew Michaels was the place to go. Walking through those automatic door we headed towards aisle 8 (the wedding aisle) and starting looking  at the invitations the store had to offer. We needed invitations that offered black and pink colors and at least a quantity of 20, but at a reasonable price. Not finding exactly what we were looking for I decided to go to the clearance area in the back of the store to see what they offered. Luckily, after a short search, I found the perfect invitations and for only $10. The invitations came in a set ( I think it was 50, but I can’t remember) that included black background cards, black ribbon, white with pink outlining invitation cards, and white envelopes for the completed invitations.  Finding exactly what we were looking for we headed back to my house to get started. My sister didn’t want to go too over the top because it was just a bridal shower (and her friend’s second one at that). After looking online (google) for the perfect bridal shower lingo to put on the invitations, we typed it up and printed them out. Instead of tying the ribbon around the invitation and making a bow, like how the invitations were supposed to be done, we realized that the invitations looked better turned upside down with the bow at the bottom of the invitations and making the small flower imprint the top. My sister made a bow out of the ribbon and cut the ends so that the length of the ribbon was the same after the bow was made.We used a hot glue gun to make the sure bows would not come off of the invitations after we put them in the envelopes.  Adding a sticker stud in the middle of the flower imprint the invitations  really set them apart.  The final product looked even better than what we bargained for.

Let me leave you with this: I know it can get frustrating when looking for the perfect invitations and just not finding what you are looking for. Well, you don’t always have to follow what the instructions in those expensive invitations kits tell you. Take what they give you and make something better. Add studded jewelery, a ribbon, glitter, or candy if you want to. Know what you like and incorporate it so that every invite you send has a piece of your personality with it. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding be you and let everyone see you through what you create.

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