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Aug 22 2012

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If you have not been to “francesca’s” then YOU are missing out on some great clothes. From unique belts to fashionable vintage clothing you will never go wrong. The clothes are very affordable and look expensive. With the right accessories any outfit can look 10 times better. The store also has great sales and the best clearance I have seen in a long time. The picture shows  just one of the accessories I bought from “francesca’s” only costing $10 on sale. I am a fan of solid color dresses. Without a pattern or colored thread you can do basically anything to the outfit, adding any color you want and make it work. The green dress  below was also bought at the same store. With an old brown belt and some wedges I can gussy up this plane outfit and make it really stand out. If there isn’t a “francesca’s” near you then go to their website and check out the clothing. If you decide to order anything keep in mind that they do seem to run a bit small (or at least in my case it seems that they do) so you may want to try the next size up from your original physique.


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